Shower of Bricks

by The Kill "SOLD OUT"

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Tracks taken from the Captain Cleanoff split 7" EP.


released May 1, 2011

Recorded in 2010 at Goatsound Studios.



all rights reserved



Blastasfuk is Australia's premiere grindcore label working with many old and new bands from the country and around the world. Expect only the best music in this and related styles.

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Track Name: Trolley Pushing Zombies
Zombies pushing trolleys
Mindless plodding, warming all around
Get me out
Fucking parasites
Completely brainwashed
Serve a purpose
Fucking idiots
No thought required, just buy it now
And get the fuck outta my way
Before I punch some cunt out
Track Name: Pub Brawl
Friday night, another pub brawl
Some dumb cunts head smashed into a wall
Busted faces bleed on the floor in a blood-covered pub
Splattered on the bar with a beer
One hand clenched fist in the other
The punters all love seeing someone get bashed
Free entertainment while they sit and get trashed
Track Name: Lobotomized by Chinwag
I think we've heard enough
Boring middle-aged cunt
Ya chin wags, but nothing good comes out
I must be dreaming, surely you're not that stupid
We're all going braindead
As your chin continues to wag
Fuck, that's a chinwag
Track Name: Shower of Bricks
Yuppie family out for a Sunday stroll and got fucked
Never thought a tall building would fall on them
Shower of bricks
Two adults and two kids crushed to death
Blood and guts ground into the footpath
(Un)natural selection made by a good choice
Shower of bricks
Crushed to death
Track Name: Utterly Unimportant
Think you're important? Get fucked
Want special treatment? Bad luck
Think you're a tough cunt? So what?
Want some kinda status? Fuck off
Nothing unique about ya
Get a fucking clue
You're a piece of shit like me and I'm a piece of shit like you
You're a piece of shit, we're all shit
Track Name: Passed Out
What was that object that just hit my leg?
First band of the gig and some bloke hits the deck
Didn't see Insect Warfare from his hospital bed