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A 31 minute grindcore roller coaster of gore and noise… With so many riffs, so many beats and just about every vocal style known all jam packed into one release! A backlog of numerous release including split EPs & cassettes, finally GOD slap you in the face with their first killer full length CD (Body Horror). Expect nothing but raw, fast old school grind with a blend of gore/punk as if the 90’s have been revived. Covering grindcore classics such as... Repulsion, Carnage & CSSO.
22 solid tunes with no time to slow down… These three crazy Canadians will leave you terrorised! “A Complete Headfuk.” For fans of Warsore, Dahmer, early Napalm Death, early Dead Infection, early Carcass etc…. You get the drift! Artwork by Pierre Braindead.


released April 29, 2015

Recorded/engineered by G.O.D on occupied, shared territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee nations - Nogojiwanong ("PTBO") & surrounding areas.

Drums recorded May 2014
Guitars recorded June 2014
Bass recorded July 2014
Vocals recorded August 2014

Mixed by Riley and G.O.D.
Mastered by Jack Moose (Jack Productions)
Cover art & G.O.D logo by Pierre de Palmas (Braindead Zine)
Band photos by Mark Cammack
Layout by Riley
All songs written by G.O.D., except:
- Track 6 by Carnage
- Track 10 by FATO
- Track 14 by Repulsion
- Track 22 by CSSO



all rights reserved



Blastasfuk is Australia's premiere grindcore label working with many old and new bands from the country and around the world. Expect only the best music in this and related styles.

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Track Name: Maximum Tolerated Dose
Battery cages
Eyes cold with fear
Born into prisons
Animals, tortured for 'science'

Frantically pacing, awaiting their vivisection

Forced to breath toxic fumes
Respiratory arrest ensues


Suspended in a plastic tube
Left there as mosquito food


Repressed cognitive dissonance
Perpetuated mass suffering
In the name of greater good

Disempower the myth
Vivisection is scientific fraud
Track Name: Anthropocentric Malarkey
Animals and humans have their own unique needs
Fuck your anthropocentric malarkey!

What once was feral is now your "pet"
Thousands of years of domestication
Forced into uncharacteristic habitats
Introduced to afflictions previously unknown

You can never refute evolution
Stop your anthropocentric malarkey
Improved lifespan through naturalization
End your anthropocentric malarkey, ugh

Cave dwelling is not biological perpetuity
That's just anthropocentric malarkey

Changes as simple as diet and water
Can have drastic harmful effects
If you "can't afford" to sate it's needs
Should you even have this pet?

You can never refute evolution
Stop your anthropocentric malarkey
Improved lifespan through naturalization
End your anthropocentric malarkey, ugh

"Pampering" with no regard for biological need
Yet another case of anthropocentric malarkey

They don't wake up at 7 and go to bed at 9
Because they don't need to!
Just stop the humanization of domesticated animals
Well intended acts but still beyond redemption
Track Name: Thrush
Spherophorus necrophorus
Fusobacterium Necrophorum
Staphylococcus, Streptococus

However you say it, it equals thrush
An anaerobic bacteria living off a lack of oxygen

Black or gray discharge from a neglected infection
Though not usually serious, it can cause severe lameness

A foul wretched stench
Cheesy looking damaged tissue
Often the result of neglect and an overly wet pasture issue!

The bacteria that causes thrush
is present in the manure of domestic livestock
To clarify to the impressionable listener,
we're talking equine thrush not Candidiasis

Trim away the infected legions
Give the hoof a deep soak
Keep that shit clean friends
This isn't a joke

It's not normal for any animal to stand in feces
Keep those pastures clean folks or the one in deep shit will be you!
Track Name: Dermatillomania
Compelled to smooth skin
Excise imperfection
Crude tools botch and flay
Blood on my face

Preventative surgery
Keeps me from injury
Less damage inflicted
Track Name: The Antibro
I am, the anti-bro
That's what I was meant to be
Your G.O.D., left you behind
and I'll set your soul to be free

I'll bro you no mercy
in this fight to the death
I'm the tormentor
it's my final command
My evil has no boundaries
as you die by the sword
face the slayer
behold the anti-bro!

Crionics for the sake of it
Track Name: L-Cysteine Chapel
What's in there?
Duck feathers?
Don't you care?
It's human hair!

From the barbers floor
To your tummy
Old El Paso
Old L-Cysteine
Track Name: Am I Fun Yet!??
If sober folks annoy you
You're as bad as hardline,
straight edge jocks
Don't drag friends down
Lend some fucking support
Track Name: Spider-Goat
Nexia Biotechnnologies
Extreme genetic crossbreed
Goats with spider DNA
Recombinant spider silk is made

Lab farm transgenesis
Biosteel synthesis
Electrospun, stronger then steel
Nephila calvipes

Genetic circuit implanted
Drag line lacate harvested
Chromatographic purity
Electrospun stronger than steel

Randy Lewis laboratories
University of Wyoming

Synthetic biodiesel organisms
Track Name: Enough to Share
This earth, our earth
Our habitat from birth
Is not merely our possession

We just can't keep it's resources to our self
When it's not ours and ours alone

Greedily we horde what's here
It's time to realize, there's enough to share

Whether or not we're alive, gaia shall thrive
Our earthly vestiges erased with time

(Between us and our)environment

Biodiversity is the key (on which) ecosystems profit
Regardless if we are alive gaia shall thrive
Our earthly vestiges erased over time
Concrete jungle
Matte grey to vibrant chlorophyll

Can't you see? There's enough to share!
Track Name: Genderized
Pink or blue
A life's path chosen for you
No development of identity
A life doomed to THIS or THAT

Genderized, constrained!
Genderized, muted!
Genderized, extinguished
Genderized, snuffed out

A flower picked well before bloom
Seeds washed away before germination
A chance for unique contribution
Cooled before it's ebullition

Genderized, personality...
Genderized, ...pre-mortem
Genderized, dead birth
Genderized, most will never know....
Track Name: Shitlisted
You've taken people for granted
and they've tired of your abuse
You retaliate when told
the impacts of your actions
You want to be the judge of yourself
The time has come break
from this oppressive distraction
Placed on the shitlist!
We now have room to breath!
Connections severed
Now you have been... banished!
Track Name: Cesspool Mentality
Festering fluid in your brain
Reproductions of the same
Inhibitions growing strong
Comfort in where you belong
Grown malignant in the tissue
Parasitic standard issue
Destined to repeat itself
Longing to find something else

It's a cesspool mentality!
Track Name: M.R.A. (Massive Repressive Asshole)
You don't need rights for being a man
How oppression works you don't understand
The dominant group is you in this case
But you blame your problems on those you've raped

Patriarchy fucks up everyone's health
But gives cis men power over everyone else
Misogyny under a different name
Insidious discourse fanning the flames

Massive repressive asshole

You are not entitled to the female body
'Not all men' is a self defeating prophecy
Women being killed as a result of this scum
Tables will turn your time has come

Let's get something perfectly clear
MRAs you're not wanted here
Anti-feminist bands fuck off
A scene clean of your kind is sought
Track Name: Self Medicated
Attention deficit in my brain
School, work and people: they're all a fucking pain
Take a pill so I can cope
Meaningful accommodation is a lost hope

Self-Medication gets me through the day
Change resistant society's to blame

Forced compete in a struggle for wealth
Meaningless jobs weigh on my mental health
Intoxication helps me let go
of the stress I've been bestowed

clouds interpretations of personal situations
Fuck stigmatization!
Track Name: Prelude to a Serial Murder
Culture of entitlement, violence and neglect
Murder channelled towards those who the system would expend

Prelude to a serial murder!

Colonized, commodified, exploited, stratified
Conditioned to facilitate the sport of taking lives

Prelude to a serial murder
They expect collateral damage
Prelude to a serial murder
The loss was factored into the budget
Track Name: House of Clocks
Tic Toc, your dead....
Tic Toc, your fucking dead!

Tic Toc, your dead in Vittorio's house of dread
Time is now reversed, you are forever cursed
To die and live again, killed over and over again
When death you think you have eluded,
shotgun blast intestines protruded

Tic Toc, your dead, shovel to the head
Intent to rob the place, turned into life/death race
Why is their kinship dead, in the act of being wed?
Things better left unknown, whilst flesh is torn from bone

House of clocks!
House of clocks!
It won't stop!
Tic, fucking, Toc!
Track Name: Modification of the Human Germline
Ostentus novus
Mutatio homonis
Generatiua Salus

Babies born, tested and found
to have 3 sets of human DNA

Genes implanted in the eggs
Fertilize and procreate

Altered genes, are passed down,
incorporated into the human germline

Fears of possibilities
Creation of an 'enhanced' human race

Heightened intelligence?
Super human strength?
Enhancements for the rich
The rest are enslaved

The human germline
In vitro, modified
Changes in structure
Dystopic and untold
Track Name: Unearthing Pathogens
Permafrost keeps contained
Ancient germs, lying in wait

Unearthing Pathogens

Excavate in the name of scientific exploration

Pithovirus sibericum
Giant viruses can't be undone
Track Name: Night of Terror

They're coming. The rats are coming!
There are millions of them! They'll overrun us all!

Rats! What do they want from us?
Rats! Why are they man's enemy?
Rats! They're watching, waiting.
Rats! Their time has come!

Why do rats repel us?
What is it about those furry little bodies that's so frightening?
Just think of them close to you in the night.
Who can stop them and how?

Rats are here, under our feet and all around us.
Seething, teeming millions.
Their little red eyes gleaming with rage and hunger....
and they're waiting.... for you!

Because this is your night of terror!
Here they come! The Rats!